Vaginal Rejuvenation
Vaginal Rejuvenation Guide

Cost of Vaginal Rejuvenation

The cost of vaginal rejuvenation surgery or labiaplasty varies considerably depending on a number of different factors including:

  • The geographical area where the procedure is performed
  • The skills, training, and experience of the doctor performing the surgery
  • The fees associated with the facility where the procedure will be performed
  • The fees associated with anesthesia
  • The extent of the surgery and the amount of time it takes to perform it

Most vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty procedures cost between $3000 and $10,000 depending on the extent of the procedure. If you have vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty performed at the same time, the cost of the procedure will be higher. To get an estimate for the cost of a vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty procedure to address your specific needs, schedule an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon.

The geographic location where you plastic surgeon practices can have quite an impact on cost. This is because vaginal rejuvenation surgery and labiaplasty are in higher demand in bigger cities and certain regions in the United States, driving up the cost of the procedure. If you’re trying to find affordable options for vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty, consider going to a geographic location where the procedure is not in high demand to find a qualified, trained plastic surgeon.

The skills, training, and experience of your plastic surgeon will have, perhaps the biggest overall impact on the cost of the procedure. However, you should never compromise your surgeon’s expertise in favor of cost. Choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified and qualified to perform the procedure as a top priority. If you want to bring the cost of your procedure down, work with other factors that contribute to the overall price, but go with a surgeon who has the necessary qualifications.

The fees associated with the cost of a facility range between $500 and $1500 and the fees associated with anesthesia are approximately the same.

Finally, the extent of the procedure will determine the cost somewhat with most vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty surgeries taking between one to two hours to complete. Your plastic surgeon may charge an hourly fee which will cause the final total to be higher, the longer your surgical procedure takes.


Often, vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty are considered elective surgeries because they not “medically necessary”. In other words, these procedures often do not contribute to the overall health and well-being of the individual though they may enhance a woman’s quality of life. Every situation is different and in order to find out whether your procedure will be covered by insurance, you will need to first set up an initial consultation to visit with your plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to formulate an opinion about whether the procedure is medically necessary or not. If it is medically necessary in your doctor’s opinion, your doctor may write a letter to this effect, urging your insurance company to cover the procedure.


If your insurance won’t cover your vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty surgery, talk with your doctor about financing options. Many plastic surgeons offer financing to patients to help make these procedures more affordable. Financing typically makes it possible for patients to pay for their procedure in smaller monthly installments rather than paying for it entirely up front.

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